5 Axis Machining

Aerospace contractors find special interest in our 5 Axis machining capabilities which complement our turning department. Our multi-talented work force excels in the art of fabricating exotic alloys into exacting parts and assemblies with their comprehensive knowledge of these state of the art 5 Axis machining centers. A few of the benefits of 5 axis machining:

  • Highest degree of accuracy
  • Save time and money – less preparation (single machine setup)
  • High quality finishes
  • Ability to produce complex parts


Disks Shafts Hubs
Seals Rings Couplings
Fan Hubs
Cases Vanes Housings
Assemblies Shrouds and More…
  • Blackhawk (Sikorsky)
  • F100
  • F119 (for the F22)
  • GTF NEO Program
  • J2
  • JT8D
  • JT9D
  • PW2000
  • PW4000
  • TF33
  • V2500
  • F135
  • PW6000
  • GP7000
  • Leap
  • F135 – Joint Strike Fighter
  • PW6000
  • GP7000
  • ATFI (PWC geared engine)

What is it?

5 axis machining gives us infinite options to create your part. In addition to the linear X, Y and axes the cutting tool has the additional A & B axes, which allows it approach your part from any angle. In the right hands incredibly complex geometries can be created with 5 axis machining. An added benefit is the ability to achieve these results with just one setup, which lowers your overall costs, thanks to lower tooling costs.

Widely used within a number of industries and applications including

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Prototyping

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