Using advanced technology to develop processes, the engineers at Budney Industries are experienced in a wide variety of materials, methods, configurations and specifications.

We regularly work with alloys of nickel, cobalt, titanium, hardened steel, magnesium and aluminum – forged, rolled, cast & pressed powdered metal.

Many of our parts are “Engineering Source Approved” – manufactured under tightly controlled conditions to guarantee many years of tough service.

As a job shop, Budney Industries has the flexibility to interact with our customer’s design engineers, implementing changes as they are made.


Disks Shafts Hubs
Seals Rings Couplings
Fan Hubs
Cases Vanes Housings
Assemblies Shrouds and More…
  • Blackhawk (Sikorsky)
  • F100
  • F119 (for the F22)
  • GTF NEO Program
  • J2
  • JT8D
  • JT9D
  • PW2000
  • PW4000
  • TF33
  • V2500
  • F135
  • PW6000
  • GP7000
  • Leap
  • F135 – Joint Strike Fighter
  • PW6000
  • GP7000
  • ATFI (PWC geared engine)

Machining nickel alloy with ceramic inserts

Benefits of Working With Budney

  • Unmatched Quality
  • Commitment to Service
  • Deep Industry Experience
  • Ability to Meet Your Delivery Schedule

Engineering Software:
Cadkey CAD
Unigraphics CAD
AlphaCam 5 axis CAM
Ability to convert many formats
Autoweb data interchange
Solid Works


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